Parity Opinion Piece – Towards a Child and Youth Homelessness and Housing Plan

Yfoundations CEO, Trish Connolly, wrote this piece for the April 2023 Parity special edition, ‘Towards a New Child and Youth Housing and Homelessness Plan’. She further elaborates on Yfoundations' call for a national standalone Child and Youth Homelessness and Housing Plan, highlighting the need for governments to address the systemic failures that perpetuate child and youth homelessness, and to recognise the need for and to resource age- and developmentally-appropriate, trauma-informed and person-centred approaches across all responses for children and young people.

The opinion piece asks, 'If it takes a village to raise a child, then what will it take before governments act to stop our children and young people falling into homelessness and setting up them for a future not of their making?'

Parity is Australia's national homelessness publication, published by Council to Homeless Persons.


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