Trigger warning: self-harm, depression
'Not such a long time ago, I was feeling unstable and unbalanced in my life. Some days were good and others were dark. During the bad times, I would self-harm and cut myself. My mum never understood why I was hurting myself and believed I was just seeking attention. The conflict at home forced me to leave and sleep rough for a few weeks. A neighbour, who had seen I was sleeping in the park, introduced me to the local youth service where I spoke with a youth worker. I was taken to the local mental health service and later diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder. Not everything is resolved. However, since taking my medication and talking to a professional, I feel much more stable. I feel confident about my future and I think I can make the right decisions about my life.' – Julie, 15

It is vital that all children and young people, particularly during the formative stages of their growth and development, are physically, socially and emotionally well. To ensure this, children and young people must have access to all the necessary prerequisites for achieving health and wellness. Being well and feeling healthy will promote self-worth and ensure children and young people feel competent to participate in their communities.