'My parents kicked me out of home when I told them I was pregnant. I thought that by moving to the city, I would have access to many support services. I soon realised that without my connections to friends and family, everything was so much harder than I expected. I was terrified about my future. I visited the doctor and told him about my situation. He put me in contact with the local Aboriginal youth service where I was able to reconnect with my community. I also met other young mothers through their parenting program. With the support of the youth service, I am now excited about my future and my son’s future.' – Jia, 16

All children and young people must be allowed to develop and nurture connections in their lives. Connections to friends, family, community and society promote resilience and social inclusion. Connections and participation ensure that children and young people are protected from damaging and risky behaviours during a formative developmental stage.