Critical housing shortages and homelessness across regional NSW

This week's ABC Four Corners, 'No Place to Call Home' revealed the new face of homelessness in Australia, sharing the heartbreaking stories of low-income workers who are struggling to find accommodation due to the acute housing crisis gripping our regional towns and beyond. We saw local services in northern NSW handing out tents and swags to those experiencing homelessness as the only option due to the lack of accommodation available. 

At our recent Regional Youth Homelessness Forums, we heard similar gut-wrenching stories by overstretched service providers who were unable to provide children and young people with the support and accommodation they required. Additional investment for the specialist homelessness services system is desperately needed to deliver youth-specific accommodation and support for young people in our regions with nowhere to go. To find out more, read our Regional Youth Homelessness Forum Consultation report, hot off the press here.


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ABC Four Corners, 'No Place to Call Home'